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10 Years of Wooster Collective

I’ll open with a brief introduction: Jonathan Levine Gallery opened a temporary space in The Chelsea district of NYC, to present 10 Years of the Wooster Collective 2003 – 2013, a group exhibition curated by Marc and Sara Schiller. There were over 50 local and international artists featured. That being said, I’m going to show ya’ll some highlights of the gallery and the happenings throughout the night. I can’t show everything or else this would be a 15 page blog. Enjoy!!

Marc and Sara Schiller

Ron English

The Gonz & Glen E. Friedman


Tristan Eaton & Jonathan Levine


Love Me

Cope2 & Buff Monster

Fab Five Freddy

After party time! Malena from Jonathan Levine Gallery doing her best to be a club promoter

Martha Cooper & Dr. Revolt

Erik Foss artist and owner of the wonderful Lit bar in NYC