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Artist Spotlight: Dela Deso

Credit: Jacbo Maschill


Meet Richie Velazquez, the man behind the art alias Digital Death and Grime a.k.a. Dela Deso. His acid drenched, psychedelic slime art (including portraits of Frank Ocean whose face looks like it’s about to melt off onto his clothing, and half-naked chicks with slimy and delicious looking pizza slices for pasties) have been flooding Tumblr feeds for a minute now and his work is seems to only be getting weirder. His pop art not only inhabits a nostalgic factor, evoking styles and imagery from his childhood that he wants to keep alive, but portrays things that he sees online and in popular culture that he deems dope and works to make them his own. In his self-proclaimed “grime” or “grimy” style of designing and painting he has created a family of dysfunctional characters to satirize, and hold to ransom all that falls into their grasp, a welcome jolt of subversion in today’s media saturated environment.


Influenced by everything seen on TV, the Internet, and in life Dela Deso has become widely known in the digital art realm, hitting the internet in the head with some of the dopest pop art we’ve seen in awhile. His style can been compared to some of the greats, but it’s still unique in its own right. Not too shabby for a guy that used to sleep on Goosebumps sheets and started his Internet blitz on his Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr pages.

Check out more of Dela Deso’s work on his website and Instagram.