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After a monstrous week in Amsterdam and Paris last week, Sebas and I headed south to do a few in-store installations in Belgium and Luxembourg. Here’s the whip we laced up, and the decal seemed fitting for the occasion. Lot’s of Dutch-American shit talking all week… DIKS!

Thanks to 24-7 (Nijmegen), Cream (Gent), Mr. Ego (Brussels), and Fish & Chips (Antwerp).

Also… beep beep beep… Simon from OBEY UK also hosted the crew in London. Peep his photos here! Aside from working all week, we have a bit of time to squeeze in some hang time…

ha! So, now we’re in Luxembourg at the Extrabold Shop..

Owners, Christian Pearson and Tom Decker (missing Antoine Webber) run this fine establishment, the first concept shop of it’s kind in Luxembourg. 

And this friday, we have a poster / install opening. If you’re here, roll thru!

But, if you’re still in the hood, you might want to go to this… 

Get High!


– Roams