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Shepard had the opportunity to design Black Sabbath’s crew tees for their new album tour “13” We got invited to one of the shows to drop off the tees and hang.

shot a couple group pictures with OZZY “who the fuck are these people”

I tried to get in one myself and he wasn’t too happy. Thank you Dave for this photo


Dave, Jim Norton and Shepard

after a couple tasty guitar shaped beverages

the show was about to begin and the Sabbath freaks came out in full effect

jammed packed seats and sabbath hit the stage

Tony Iommi

Tommy Clufetos

Geezer Butler

Ozzy is still the wild man on stage, dumping buckets water on the crowd

and all over himself throughout the show

before the encore, Tommy went off on a drum solo. I thought his arms were going to fall off

one heck of a show and night!!!