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A few nights ago, we did a lil’ diddly-bebop at @BTNC in Fullerton. We had beer, we had sound, and we had a screen printing machine.. period.

A big shout to the BTNC Clique, The OBEY Inter-Office Minglers, and GOD for making the night sweet like a fresh pair of Payless XJ-900’s !!!

The OBEY Crew came in early to do a little remodeling with some of Shepard’s old prints for your viewing pleasures.

Tunes √

THC_J dialing in the screen printer

While Carlos Winslow makes sure no tees go missing.

Doors are open!

This dude was getting happy feet waiting in line for his tee.

Reagen was loving it.

Roams ra ra

This dude was definitely rocking

” Lets play this a one time for the Boss “ PUBES


Thats a wrap!


Color photos courtesy of BTNC