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Today we are releasing the Dark Wave/Rising Sun shirts. OBEY has many friends and collegues in Japan. We hold a great respect for the Japanese people and their culture. Please help us in our effort to lend support to the good people of Japan. OBEY Awareness is releasing Dark Wave/Rising Sun shirts to aid in the relief effort in Japan after the tragic earthquake ans tsunami on March 11th, 2011. OBEY will donate 100% of the net profits from the sale of these OBEY Awareness shirts to assist Japan in theis time of need. Thank you for your support.

“Nature is a thing of beauty but also of power… it gives but also takes away. The wave that brought destruction to Japan is part of an ocean that also gives life. Despite the tragedy, the sun will rise on a new day and there will be opportunity for humans to rebuild and demonstrate their amazing resilience. I hope the funds raised by this image can make a small difference to benefit Japan’s recovery.” -Shepard Fairey

Check out the styles HERE.