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Forget Halloween, save your energy and go to Day of the Shred! This shit is gonna rip! Brought to you by The Thief (the same guy who put on Psycho De Mayo), it’s featuring another great, heavy lineup. Tickets are just about sold out but if you want to go, make sure to grab a ticket today. We sponsored Psycho de Mayo and are really digging what the Thief is laying down so we had to get behind Day of the Shred. We made the official T-shirts and they will be available at the show. We do have a few for sale online HERE just in case you can’t make it. We also printed the official poster that will be available at the show.

Day of the Shred
3503 S. Harbor Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA

Check this lineup out.

 Shirt we made for the Shred.