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Dear Hearts

Stopped by Durham, North Carolina to visit good buds Stella and Donna and check out their new boutique, Dear Hearts. They set up shop in an awesome old brick building and filled it with with a ton of amazing vintage and contemporary labels including Courtshop Jeans (NY) Dream Collective (LA), Field Notes, In God We Trust, MCMC, etc. Not to mention a stage outside for shows and their radically renovated 1966 Shasta trailer for taking on the road, like the recent Hopscotch Festival. So stoked and proud of these badass women for turning their dreams into the real deal. Also, any Murder City Devils fans might recognize where their name comes from. On that note; have you So. Cal people seen THIS?!

Online store coming soon, these two are just gettin’ started.

Dear Hearts

618 Foster St.

Durham, NC

Fri 4P – 9P
Sat 11A – 8P
Sun 12P – 5P