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Hey readers,

This is MY last and final update about this wild European Tour we did. The DIRTY FENCES want to thank everybody who’s involved in making this tour a big succes.

Besides a thank you and before getting emotional, The Dirty Fences want to announce an upcoming tour with the great White Mystery and the dates as well as their new full-length called “Full Tramp” now be out and available for purchase from SLOVENLY.

Band hanging out in front of a random wall.

Band on a huge stage.

Wizard with a magic bike.

Dude with awesome tattoo.

Band in action.

Guitarplayer/singer held hostage in fridge, while still having fun.

Hottie behind window.

Alien behind a drumkit.

Jack and friend enjoying life.

Ass, Hersh, Ass and Ass.

Band in the woods.

Band performing their hitsong JUDY.

Full Tramp.

Thanks for reading,


Brayden Olson.