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Dirty Fences hit Europe. Part ONE

My name is Brayden Olson. I’m a professional photographer and I’m working for the Dirty Fences. I’ll be taking pictures of these street-doggies and keep you posted about all our adventures during this 4 week tour all across Europe to promote their new record “Full Tramp”. If you want to see us in real life, check out these tour dates:

Our first stop is Berlin, the land of pilsner and really really long street names. First show in Berlin is Desert Fest , described as “The ultimate heavy/rock/psycho/doom Festival in Berlin” – Scheisser yeah! !

Jack is having a blast in a bus.

Chilling timez at Berlin house.

Regular fun with Hershguy.

Tonight’s show is at Schoko’s in Bayreuth, Germany. Come party!

More updates and photos to come!