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Gabba Gabba OBEY

This last week Shepard and his crew were hitting Berlin, so I decided to go check it out and hang with the boys.

Bram, our newest member to the OBEY family out here in Amsterdam, approves this message.

The main reason Shepard was in town was this awesome mural.

The Doobie Brothers; Rob from Shepard’s crew and Dennis (OBEY Germany), fell in love.

Meanwhile Shepard gave an interview for German television, which hopefully will be dubbed in German.

At night there was a party where Shepard was DJ’ing. This woman was excited to get her picture taken with Shepard, but he just cared about the music.

Peek-A-Boo at Civilist Berlin.

Everybody’s favourite pant-pooping Scandinavian; Claus, also dropped in and we went to shred the gnar over at the Reichstag.


It seemed that every day new paste ups kept popping up around town.


And in our last free hours we headed over to the Ramones Museum Berlin. Which is definitely worth visiting when you’re in town.


There is tons of memorabilia and awesome old photographs, that will get any fan more than excited.


But my favourite part was all the amazing original merchandise from back in the day. Of course everybody knows the classic logo T-shirts, but check out these killer Tees done by John Holmstrom.



Or these shorts done for an Australian tour in the 80s. (Matt, can you hook me up?)



See you next time buddy, keep partying!