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On March 25th, Obey Art Space Berlin hosted the opening for GHOSTS, the newest exhibition by Berlin-based artist Mona Sardari.

Sardari is a German illustrator, born in 1992, she has been practicing art most of her life.

After graduating from Freie Kunstwerkstatt Munich, she studied communication design and went on to teach illustration at the IFOG Academy Munich as a lecturer before moving to Berlin in 2021.

Throughout her career, she has worked with the likes of Adidas for their Girls are Awesome project, Dimanche London, Form of Interest, Tint Store and SHRN.

The works featured in GHOSTS deal with the artist’s years of suffering from insomnia. Her black and white illustrations invite the onlooker into the feeling of sleeplessness and the moments of awakening in the middle of the night. This exploration into the hypnagogic state, experienced as the foggy realm between wakefulness and sleep, is the main inspiration of her designs. Sadari’s pieces act as a therapeutic vessel to confront her inner thoughts and battle with insomnia.

To really capture the atmosphere of GHOSTS we also worked with Berlin-based photographer Daan Dam - known for his works for Bully Magazine, Schön, Sleek and Crack Magazine - for a fitting recap of the opening event.

For more information feel free to follow @studio_safari, @strippernelli and @obeyartspace on Instagram.

Recap Photography: Daan Dam @daantjedamage