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Happy 2012!

First post of the new year goes to me – a worthless, hungover human being… but somehow I feel great! I thought I’d ease in the new year and not go out last night… I made the mistake of partying with all the US networks… ABC, MTV, BET, and a little of CMT, pouring leftover alcohol from various parties into my mouth (not at the same time, silly goat.) and chasing it with the only liquid I had left in the fridge… Coffee Cream. Not.A.Good.Idea..

Now onto some great OBEY news, we had a holiday party not too long ago… I’ll be updating more, but here are some highlights from the night…

More Photos Soon!!!

On some International news, people love pop up shops. With Taipei being one of em… If you’re in the Taiwan, and jonzing for new trippy threads… peep this:

And the after party…

Thanks and good luck in 2012!