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devo’s mark mothersbaugh and jerry casale – photo by bobbie watson / courtesy superior viaduct

Back in the 90s, Rhino Records put out the now-out-of-print Hardcore Devo, which was two CDs of all the demos Devo had made from 1974 to 1977, way before they’d even considered the possibility of getting a record deal. (At the beginning, they’d barely considered the possibility of not getting physically attacked at shows!)

Henry Rollins says it better and more appropriately than I ever could in the liner notes: “Spud, prepare to be amazed! … This is pure Devo—the sweetest crude, straight from the source.” And believe me, he’s right about all of it, especially the crude part.

And now at long last, the consistently awesome Superior Viaduct label has brought Hardcore Devo back to life, on CD and on the format where it belongs—vinyl, which is made out of the decayed component atoms of long-gone cavemen and dinosaurs, don’t ya know? Order here, and listen to four songs from this late-June / early July release that don’t even touch bottom plus eye-blinding album cover below!


album cover by moshe brakha / courtesy superior viaduct