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Henrik Vibskov

Most of you fashionista’s/isto’s out there are probably familiar with Henrik Vibskov, the “godfather” of Copenhagen fashion, and the CPH fashion week as the largest and most important in Scandinavia. Vibskov’s latest runway show “The Bathtub Observer“, based on the themes of dysfunction and disorder, repped his signature bold colors, patterns and graphics, like the majority of the 20+ collections the Danish designer has produced. Regardless of what he personally sees his creations as, they are definitely avant-garde, exploring fashion and his runway shows as they should be; an art form.




Vibskov is also an artist, interior designer, film director and musician, acclaimed and winning awards in all fields. Bands include Project Mountain Yorokobu and Trentemøller and epic installations such The Fringe Project and The Circular Series.

A jack of all trades and inspiration for sure, I’m looking forward to what’s in store from this glorious Dane.