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Last Saturday I took a trip to the Broad Museum for the Cindy Sherman special exhibit “Imitation of life” Raw and real vintage imagery surrounded the space, large format photos drew crowds of conversations. Voices were heard from all corners, debates amongst friends on the messages behind each piece. I personally liked Sherman’s use of colors, costumes, hairstyles and makeup.

LACMA’s Exhibition “FASHION IN MENSWEAR” was really interesting. The layout, lighting and variety of the show was well curated, most pieces were free hanging from wires. Loud and subtle Fashion pieces seen through numerous rooms, surrounded by decades of hand-made pieces of Art made it worth the drive.


My personal favorite was this original piece by Musashiya (1952) The innovator of the Silk Hawaiian Print Shirt.

Here are some residual visuals from the Bad Brains Pop Up Shop I helped work alongside the Carlos Villa.

MURS for President!

photo credit: Aaron Del Rosario & Carol Kim

-Stay lost