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It was on a saturday when I met these guys, Skamdust and Matty. My only reason to get out of bed was a fresh juice around the corner. Still halfasleep and in my pyjama, I was standing in front of a little organic veggie table on the street, zoned out, when Skamdust`s raspy voice woke me up with a simple, “hello”. After having juice together, they took me to INVISIBLE Tattoo Studio in Orchard street NYC, where Skamdust wanted me to meet his tattoo artist Norm and beautiful Ellis. A magical moment with some amazing and interesting characters!!

Thats what I love so much about New York City. You walk on the street, meet people you`ve never met before, talk, exchange and your day can take you somewhere completly else…

so thank you guys for sharing this great and unexpected afternoon !!

check out their art and music:

@mattypastanyc @skamdust @NORMWILLRISE @elliscooperofficial





– Noëmi