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Its been a hectic past few days, filled with travel, no sleep, work, rain, cold weather and wonderful breakfast. We arrived mid-day Monday and met up with D-FACE over at Stolen Space to pow wow around the next 2 weeks.

Look kids, Big Ben!

Wow, look at that sporty jacket! (shameless self promotion) Available HERE!

 After that, instead of sleeping we decided to head over to the Waterloo tunnels to check Steve Lazarides Bedlam show.. Cool yet very strange.

Steve Lazarides and Shep

Conor Harrington

Leaving the show, I had to take advantage of the background and a good one of Shep.

After the 30 some odd hours of no sleep and travel, the next day began. Shep prepping some of his vintage posters for the record install at Stolen Space.

very expensive van

On the walk over to the first wall we spotted a pretty cool piece by ROA

The rain held out so things were looking good. Good people came by through out the day, all good vibes. Here’s the beginning of the first street installation

Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad stopped by. Super nice dude!

We’re all done for the night, gonna finish up tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more, and check out OBEYCLOTHING on instagram for daily updates.