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London part V The Recap

So here’s the final post to conclude our time in London. As Romeo and DJ Whoo Kid would say, “Maad moisture, yo.” which means the weekend festivities were a huge success and x1000 thank you’s to everybody who hung with, helped out, and haggled us over the past few weeks. For those heading to London (or planning to head out), remember both the Gallery and Pop-Up Store are open til Nov. 4th. …Thou shalt not sleep, mate.



The Record Shop Install @stolenspacegallery. Genius !!

++ Shepard brought over a 1000 of his personal records for everyone to enjoy ++

After numerous interviews, Shep snuck over to the Pop-Up Store to play some music.

GREENDOG DIST. aka OBEY France / Spain / Portugal

!!! Opening Night !!! (rain or shine)

DJ Ztrip live Audio / Visual Set !



Until Next show.