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Maison Objet Through the Lens of Ligne

Visions of chest hair and gold chains under pastel suits and hilarious old women lamenting on their lanai patio play together in my mind when I think of Miami…at least that was until recently when I had the chance to roll into town with the group of creatives behind Ligné Group to partner with Maison&Objet Americas for their 2nd annual interior design and lifestyle summit. Newly found inspiration was spread from Wynwood to South Beach and I was there to soak it all in, scroll to scope for yourself.
Ligné Atelier- Home base aka our boutique showroom located in the heart of Wynwood and dripped with art by Magnificent Magnus
Displaying 1-ATELIER
Wynwood Walls- Artists from left to right Daleast, Vhils and Cryptk
Vhils- Create and Destroy are synonymous with Vhils art as he drills away old plaster relief forms in his creations
Shep Mural- One of the original pieces contributed for the creation of the Wynwood Walls
Miss Van- A woman who truly defines power and beauty by standing out as an established female graffiti artist
check out her site here
Peter Tunney Giant Polaroids at Gallery M- Peter says he has found the “last miracle in photography” in this 20 inch x 24 inch wood box camera from the 1970’s.
For more info on Peter Tunney’s Gallery
Cleon Peterson X Shepard Fairey- A collaboration piece from Art Basel ’14
Representin Texas & the Obey Posse Family,
K Howell
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