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If you’re in LA you might of seen a few billboards commemorating MCA of the Beastie Boys by Shepard and KAVES. LA Weekly ran a story today about how these billboards came to be. Check it out by clicking HERE. Shout out to Jason May for making something like this happen, on his own dime and for the love of the Beasties and MCA.


Shortly after the death of Beastie Boy MCA in early May, a billboard appeared on an industrial stretch of Venice; designed by Brooklyn artist Kaves, it was mostly black and white with a Beastie Boys photo and lyric. (It has since moved to Sunset.) This week another MCA billboard popped up on Fairfax, and then another on Sunset. Designed by Shepard Fairey, the latter two are black and red and feature an iconic Glen E Friedman photo.

Pretty sweet, but what’s the deal?

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