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Metal Out!

February is officially metal month for me. Started with Lemmy of Motorhead’s documentary. Saw it last Saturday and they really don’t make musicians like they use to. Lemmy is truly inspirational.


Rent it! Buy it! Watch it!
Following are some the bands I saw or will be seeing this month…


Cradle of Filth is a band I’ve listened to since college. Â They are an extreme/black metal band from UK.


Turisas is a Finland Viking Metal band and one of my favorites. Epic!


Finntroll, a Folk/Black Metal band from Finland.


Eluveitie from Switzerland. They combine Celtic folk melodies with melodic death metal. Â Eluveitie also uses many of the traditional folk instruments such as fiddles, tin whistles, flutes, bagpipes, and hurdy gurdies.


Nachtmystium was a total surprise for me. I couldn’t believe they are from Chicago... American? They blew me away. I can hear Burzum in their blood.

Rock on