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Last night Myself, Cyril Mountain and Stevie “Pubes” packed in the metallic pea sports wagon and headed over to check out Glen E. Friedman’s “MY RULES” book release and signing over to Arcana: Books on the arts. Along with the checking out the amazing work in GEF’s book, it was pretty rad seeing some Dogtown legends in attendance. Check out more on GEF’s book here and he’ll be having another signing at BOOK SOUP Monday Sept, 29th. Make sure to check it out if you can

GEF snapping some pics with the fans

Zephyr man Jeff HO signing his page while waiting in line.

Of course he needed his copy

Another Dogtown dude Craig Steyk III checking out the book

This dude showed up in a Benz and went straight to Cyril to give him some shit about his mutton chops

Jim Muir and Steve Olson hanging in the back avoid the crowds.

After the signing there was a Q&A and The West Coast premiere of Eric Matthies short file of Glen E. Friedman and Ian Mackaye in conversation.