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A while ago I got this amazing custom made silver and turquoise bull skull pendant. It has a (very) personal engraving on the backside and until this day is my favorite piece of jewelry.

It’s a custom made piece by Nick Potash, a California based jewelry designer, artist and motorcycle lover who makes them by hand with lots of love and attention to detail in his home workshop in Topanga.

Aside from necklaces, rings and bracelets he also customizes Zippos, knifes, motorcycle parts and other cool stuff with his cosmic psychedelic symbolism.

Nick’s idea behind creating those pieces is to continue the ancient tradition of heirloom jewelry.

So commission a piece, get one for your old lady (chicks dig it, trust me), get old and die happily knowing you got something
awesome to pass on to your grandchildren.

Check his work here:


– Joscha