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I have to play catch up, since our wordpress took a crap and threw off my game plan for post, but here we go! Last Wednesday I met up with Shepard and his crew, ready to for another adventure as we set out on a 3 week european tour. Its always fun flying out of LAX – traffic, long lines, disgruntle security, oh and the new cast from MTV’s Real world challenge. Hahah don’t ask me how I knew who they were. Anyways, traveling is always hard for my stupid anxiety ridden mind, but rolling with Shep and the crew makes it a hundred times easier. We had a quick layover at Heathrow and finally touched down in Munich for the first stop of the tour. Enjoy and I’ll feel ya in as we go.

Beer gardens

First mural of the trip. Thank you Positive Propaganda for setting everything up

OBEY GERMANY in the house!

Thats a wrap on this mural.

More on the city and the rest of our time in Munich on the next post. After that i’ll be caught up finally and back on track with everything happening.

For Rob and Thc_j