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So we’ve been in Malaga for a few days and the craziness hasn’t stopped! Being back room searched at the airport to the basically nude beaches here, its definitely an experience. Tonight is the opening for —— at the CAC MALAGA. If you’re from here or want to check it out, swing by. Here’s what has been going down so far this week.

tonight is

our Eyes Here is open to the public now and runs through Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015. The show captures and explores the breadth of Fairey’s prolific body of work. Your Eyes Here will showcase more than 200 works, including an impressive grid of Fairey’s screen printed works which represent the essential form and building blocks from which his other works have developed. Fairey approaches screen prints are that they are meant to be functional in working for the street or the gallery, building an ever-expanding mosaic of cohesive images, which can stand-alone but strengthen as a larger group.

More information is available for Your Eyes Here and CAC Málaga linked here.