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Last Friday I started my journey to meet up with Shepard and the OBEY Giant crew in the land of Motown. I’ve never been to Detroit and have only heard stories, so I was pretty amped to get on the road. Of course the four times it actually rains in LA, I had to fly out in it which only delayed shit. I’m going to try and keep the writing to minimum and let the visuals tell the story of our trip, but I’ll chime in here and there.

Every time it rains, its “storm watch 2015” and no one knows how to drive. LAX was a beaut.

Finally touched down in Detroit and got a surprised walking to get my luggage. Thank you Anthony, JJ and Matt! You guys rule!

I don’t have any photos from my first night, but the night consisted of burgers, beers, cards and The MGM Grand. Super random and reminded me of Biff’s casino in Back to the Future II.

Now to the city. My first impression of Detroit, was holy shit. The architecture, people and over all aesthetic was a bit overwhelming. There is definitely was too much to shoot, so I have to ease my way in. * thats what she said

The view from our hotel.

#TopHatRob and his trash bag in a classy ass hotel. This dude is the best!

The Crew started the massive 200 foot + 4 stories mural, but had a rain delay.

So we headed over to The Library Street gallery to check things out and start on the Belt mural. On the walk over the streets are covered awesome art.


Pose and Revok bench





Time for the Belt mural

Library Street Collective crew – Anthony, Peter and Matt

Thats a wrap for now. Check back for some more mural action and a look into The Library Street Collective Gallery.

– Furlong in Detroit – Out