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Made it back to the states ( Barely ) and back on the inter web with out any hiccups. As we started the 2nd mural at The Gladstone Hotel, the weather finally gave out and put a halt on some of the process, but still able to knock it out pretty quick. Here are some pics throughout the day and night life that came A bout. Enjoy and check back tomorrow for the final recap.


Rain delay / snack time

Before heading back up after the rain stopped, a local high school that literally specializes in skateboard screen printing ( wish I went there )came by the mural to have a Q & A with Shep.

Now back on up

Some shots of the finished mural.

Later that night was OBEY RADIO over at The Weldon Bar off college street.


Spotted an old jacket from colab with did with LOVE ME aka Curtis Kulig

Roams, very very serious

And so were these two

Thats a wrap on part 2. Recap and final post tomorrow.