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Last Friday, we celebrated one last party at The Crosby for OBEY Radio’s weekly residency which lasted for three and a half years. We’re not at all going away.. just going global! Please make sure you check back to see OBEY Radio in your hood! Chris (Free The Robots) and I are so grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented artists over the years, there’s so many to name… but an extra special thanks to Shepard Fairey and OBEY Giant Crew, The Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing, Flying Lotus & Brainfeeder, Dam Funk, Scotty Coats, Mr Hyder, NoMSG, My Hollow Drum, Nobody, Low End Theory, Ikey Owens, Matt Goldman, DJ Franchise, J-Logic, Jamie Strong, Chris Haycock, Shawn Drew, The WARhouse Gang, The Crosby Staff, The Crosby Owners, The Bums, The Mutants, The Babes, The Bouncers, The Police and Fire Dept, and the City of Santa Ana for everything… I know I’m forgetting some important people, but I’m also going a bit HAM right now… THANK YOU!!!

To end the night off right… Special Guests THE GASLAMP KILLER & NOSAJ THING poppped in to do their thing… (photos by JON FURLONG)