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Robert Bergman, also known as ‘Chu-hi master’ in some parts of the planet, has spent well over a decade and a half collecting and playing out records. Mixing different muzique with disregard for genre or style, all the good things are good to him. This approach has seen him do shows on all different places on the planet such as Detroit, Los Angeles, Japan, Berlin, Australia and throughout all of Europe.

A sneakpeak in the process can be found in his radio series, a long running streak on Red Light Radio before it shut and currently a bi-monthly show on Georgian webradio (and the best spot!) Mutant Radio. Or via physical mixtapes that are recorded for TTT (2 parts) & Heat Ams (Together with Satoshi-chan for a special Japan only release to coincide with a tour in Japan).

Aside from collecting and playing out records, a fair amount of time is also spent recording original works. Most of these find their way through his own imprint Brew, which main catalogue is currently 17+ releases deep, but selected works can be found on different labels too, a.o; L.I.E.S., 12th Isle, R=A, Rush Hour, Kashual Plastik & Bakk.

No vocals necessary but dubs work.

Instagram: @robzilla3000