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If you are in Berlin next week you are in luck because we we are throwing an amazing party together with our good friends from HUF. The party will also be the official European release for the Bless Off Europe Zine we are putting out together. The zine contains photographs of the Bless Off Europe Tour with The Shrine, Dirty Fences and Death Alley we supported a couple of months ago.

They were so lucky to have three great photographers on the trip; Dennis Duijnhouwer, Olivia Jaffe and Rick Erfmann. Each of them didn’t fail to document the tour in their own style and we will show a selection of their favourite prints at our party in Berlin.

Death Alley is actually playing the party along side of Modern Pets. And we have Vic Crezée, DJ Porsche (Rockford Kabine), Willy Party and Bert & Ert to make you nod your head, fist-pump or mosh the night away.


We are giving out tickets at your favourite OBEY and HUF dealers in Berlin. For more information on how to get your FREE TICKETS CLICK HERE.

Come early, because we have a small suspicion it gonna be packed. Full means full, even with a ticket.