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Finally it was not dumping rain on us today and we made some good progress working on the 3rd mural which I’ll post up after this once we finish tomorrow. Heres a good look at the past few days working on the Delicate Balance mural and since we had to deal with so much rain and delays, we for once actually got to do some touristy stuff and checked out the Louvre. Enjoy and more to come tomorrow.

After a dismal day of several rain interruptions and one torrential downpour on Sat., we caught a break with a beautiful day yesterday, and I was able to finish my Delicate Balance mural. This is the image from which my Eiffel Tower “Earth Crisis” globe installation evolved, so I’m very happy to have it existing as a permanent mural. Thanks to my crew and the crew from Galerie Itinerrance for helping to make this mural happen!

I also want to thank the residents of Paris District 13 for their warmth and enthusiasm toward my murals and public art in general.