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Party time in Amsterdam with The Local Spastics and DEATH ALLEY

On February 8th 2014 in celebration of the release of the OBEY X Suicidal Tendencies collection we threw a party in Amsterdam. At Ludwig nightclub we had live performances by Death Alley and The Local Spastics accompanied by DJ’s Father Futureback and Hugo (Red Light Radio). The place was packed and things got pretty wild.

The Local Spastics is a young punk rock band that started around 2010. After a first demo that takes you back to the sound of seventies punk and reminds you of bands like The Dead Boys, The stooges and FEAR, the trio quickly built up quite a reputation with their aggressive live shows, politically incorrect behavior and sarcastic lyrics. Dozens of shows follow in and out of the Netherlands. Playing In squats and on festivals, with bands like Reagan Youth, Gewapend Beton and Aux Raus.

Fresh from the basements of Amsterdam, DEATH ALLEY is here to show you a serious musical rock’n roll statement. DEATH ALLEY combines ingenious but blistering guitar parts with and intensity of drumming that justifies the present-day existence of John Bonham’s Vista-Lite drum kit. Drums, guitar and the thundering bass riffs are topped off with husky vocals that remind you of nothing. The New Wave of Dutch Loudness gave birth to not just another band. No, thriving on the sharp edges of Motörhead’s rock and roll, soaked in MC5-fuelled protopunk and forged with Sabbath’s edginess, DEATH ALLEY brings a unique swinging rawness that savours of Blue Öyster Cult on steroids.