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A good friend of OBEY, recently launched Poster Child Prints. Poster Child Prints sells limited-edition screenprints. They started to make art accessible to collectors of all stripes – from novice art enthusiasts to established connoisseurs. PCP sell’s high-quality prints at modest prices so that art is within reach to all. They work with the artists to create authentic works of art, each of which are signed, numbered and embossed. There’s lots of prints from accomplished artists and new talent you might not know of yet.

Artist Roster: Adam Wallacavage, Amanda Visell, Cool “Disco” Dan, Dalek, David Weidman, Deedee Cheriel, FriendsWithYou, Jim Houser, Joshua Petker, JRF, Mark Mothersbaugh, Mike Giant, Pose, Rocky Grimes, Saber, Taki183, and many more coming soon!

I just ordered the Jim Houser print and already got that Weidman print. So hot right now!