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Our friends from HONOR THE TREATIES have been busy!

VICTORY ON TRIBAL PILGRIMAGE SITE MOUNT TAYLOR: Seventeen months of art, activism, law and love have resulted in Supreme Court rulings upholding the designation of this mountain as a sacred site and placing it under the protection of the National Register of Historic Places. It is without a doubt that our combined efforts made this a victory for indigenous people everywhere! May this set a precedent for native land-rights cases across the nation! Big ups to our partner the Mase Coalition! Shouts and respect to Acoma, Laguna, Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Jemez and all other Pueblos and Tribes who continue to hold it down and lead positively with the future, past, and present in mind, and with strength from the soul! WE ARE STILL HERE. Much love to y’all. –Jaque & Nani & the HTT crew

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