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Last Tuesday, we were in Bordeaux (Fr) to make an « AperoBoat » in an amazing place called I.BOAT.
This old boat is a unique concept where there is regularly break and separation between the activities, here everything is gathered in a place : restaurant, club and concert hall, brings down warmed, lounges, and solarium.

When we saw OFF! would come to Bordeaux at the I.Boat, we definitely wanted to join in on the party. Not only because we’re huge fans of the super band, but also because Shepard and Keith Morris have a long standing relationship, and most recently they decided to collaborate for a special EP called ‘Learn to OBEY’ for a previous Record Store Day.

To add a bit of local culture into the event, we had the opportunity to screen Scott Crawford’s documentary, “SALAD DAYS : 1980 – 1990 a decade of punk in Washington DC” just before the OFF! show in France.

After the screening of the film, the crowd was ready for Kuma No Motor (Punk HxC from Bayonne Fr) and legendary, OFF!.

Dimitri Coats (which had good taste for his tee ndlr), Steven Mc Donald, Mario Rubalcaba and Keith Morris gave us a magical show. For the first time ever, we had the privilege to hear “LEARN TO OBEY” performed live! It was a rad time, and just proves that you can still pit, even on a tiny boat!

Watch out for this guy, ladies!


(imagery provided by Laurent Robert)