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It’s time to dream everybody…please use the wormhole provided on your bedroom floor to escape through space & time and travel to a better place. Once you have arrived at your destination of choice please sit back, relax and take a minute to admire how this rug really ties the room together! And all there is really left to say now is: Holy universe, there is a galaxy on my apartment floor!!


SCHÖNSTAUB — which literally translates to “beautiful dust” — was founded in 2010 by young Swiss creative duo Nadja Stäubli and David Schönen. This is their debut collection of high-quality designer carpets which combine Swiss precision craft with innovative design. All of the rugs are woven in Switzerland on high tech carpet weaving machines by Schönherr/ Stäubli which is one of the leading supplier of carpet weaving machines worldwide.

For more info and pictures check out their facebook: Facebook/schoenstaub or contact Schoenstaub at: