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I think my body is still recovering from our recent trip to Seattle. For being such a rainy place it sure doesn’t keep people from going out. Got to ride in a sea plane go, to a Cromags show, drink some beers, drink some more beers and throw a little party over at Zebra Club to commemorate the opening of our new section up there.

Let’s recap…

Burl, our rep in the NW, picked us up at the airport in this sweet thing. Just our style! I’m kidding but we did really see this on the trip. Either this dude has a great sense of humor and I think I want to party with him or this dude is completely seriously and I think I want to party with him.

This is the vehicle we were picked up in. Don’t fuck with Burl! Dude is definitely in the A-Team or some covert detail.

Thankfully Burl and Doug knocked out the heavy lifting before we got there. Heavy lifting for Nick and I is usually downing 12oz Coors cans. To prep the location, we thought it was necessary to do so by air. Nick contemplating life before we boarded. (also a little sneak peak at a hot fire jacket you’ll see next Fall)

Everything looked to be in order so the event was a go.

First off, where my dogs at?

Line up at opening time. Thanks to everyone for bearing the rain. Apparently this one dude’s mind was just blown. We have multiple pics of him inside and outside with that same expression.

Big Shout to Big Mario on the pizza and look at that fine looking section in the back.

Doug on the mix playing the most ignorant music possible. Do you Doug, don’t ever change, and in the words of E-40, “Yup!”

Also playing the smoothest of jams was our guest, local legend Sean Cee. One of the Huf crew and a damn fine DJ. Check him out on the Instagrams HERE.

I’m not gonna put a picture of me up because I’m a shitty DJ and my mom says I’m ugly. But I will put some pics up of the Zebra Club crew. Ayo!

Hell of a pour there young lady!

Plenty of Pabst to go around.

Here’s the section with no one in the store. There’s no one in the store because they were closed. I think they were closed because Lhotsky did damage to their plumbing. I made that last part up but it could happen. Make sure to stop by. It’s both a men’s and women’s section and we’re honored to be in a great store like Zebra Club. Please stop by and support!

And one last pic for good measure. In my mind this says Shithole Ave.