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When I met Timmey about 2 years ago he was working the bar at a Zurich rock club. He gave out some of the club’s signature Mexicano shots that night and I remember noticing the tattoos in his face. An anchor on his left check and a big lightning bolt under his right eye. Little did I know that this kid is a seriously talented skater. At this point I have to admit that I don’t know a whole lot about skating. Well, besides a profound long-lasting love for boys on skateboards which started in my early teenage years, that is. But other than that I am relying on the word on the street. And word on the street is that Timmey Krauer (pardon my French) is the shit. “He’s a shredder” someone said about him when we watched him skate last summer. This obviously didn’t go unnoticed so OBEY Clothing Switzerland and Doodah teamed up recently to support Timmey’s first video: Enjoy the good times