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It’s a rare chance to get to see a “living legend” in the flesh, much less rockin’ out on a stage showin’ you who’s boss. However, there is one lady out there doing just that. Wanda Jackson, “Queen of Rockabilly,” has teamed up with Jack White of the White Stripes to remind us that “The Party Ain’t Over,” as her aptly-titled, recent release has just hit shelves. The 74-year old, fringe-cloaked songbird ain’t skippin a beat as she embarks on a US tour. Shows are limited but if you can make it to one, you will not be disappointed. I am lucky to have scooped up a ticket to tonight’s show at El Rey theater after last night’s show was quickly sold out. My NY-based, photographer brother, Eric Van’t Zelfden (aka Lobo Jones) beat me to the punch and already checked out her show at The Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY. With a photo pass in hand he captured some amazing shots of the evening. Mad props to big bro! 🙂 Please do check out his site or shoot him an e-mail if you like what ya see. (Contact info below.)


Eric Van’t Zelfden