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The Shrine in Japan PART I

We crash-landed in Tokyo yesterday afternoon.

And were immediately tracked down for an interview with the popular Japanese television show, “Why Did You”.

After narrowly escaping the clutches of Japanese TV Land with the help of our Felem father Tsuyoshi, we headed to our friend (and occasional Shrine artist) Verdy’s art show at Kit Gallery in Harajuku, where he proceeded to blow our minds with his killer paintings and sketches.

Wolf Ripper illustration he did for this tour.

We finished off the night exhausted and sweating in a dark, smoky, Korean BBQ spot in Shibuya, exactly how the first night of any Japanese tour should end.

Tonight’s show is at Fever in Tokyo.

Shin-daita building 1F, 1-1-14 Hanegi, Setagaya-ku

And the insanity officially begins.