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The Shrine in Japan PART III

Well, Osaka was completely out of control on multiple levels.

First stop we made after getting in from Kyoto was a vintage shop owned by our buddy, Shin, called Giant Baby (for some undisclosed reason).

Upon entering, he quickly pointed out one of the most important artifacts of the last two centuries, a tool used to alter the course of history forever, which he now owns. This was his reaction to Josh’s reaction to acquiring this new, mind-boggling knowledge.

One of the first hand-cut, hand-drawn, glued-together skateboards to come out of the original Dogtown era. Shin purchased this holy grail from Wes Humpston himself, one of Dogtown’s own creators, and the artist responsible for their iconic, untouchable, image.

Next stop was Time Bomb Records.

Categorized to an overwhelming amount, yes. But giving Nick Lowe sort of his own 7″ section is definitely something I can get behind.

More insanity to drool over.

Flyer up in the shop for last night’s show.

Kazunko from Black Humor Control (direct support) RIPPING.




Jeff talking politics with our buddy, Gabe, from Oakland.

“Squat of Art”

One of the radder people we’ve met on this trip – this Obey star was his first tattoo, and Rodney Bingenheimer is his personal savior.




And The Shrine kills again.

Today your Kanazawa, tomorrow the Gunma.