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Wandering Free

While on tour late last year, I was able to confirm a show in London with DJ Krush. I wasn’t gonna pass this up; he’s been one of my earliest inspirations in the world of beats since the 90’s. The time came so I thought I’d make a trip out of it. I posted up in Barcelona and I picked up a quick solid set of shows with fam in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Rennes. The whole trip is kind of blurry.. It was a three week wandering gypsy mission, after a three month break from a previous three month tour. Here are some shots i took with my vintage iphone 5s…


Markey Funk… stay tuned for an impromptu FTR x Markey collab feat. Ori + Tali in session

Artist: DESO (Broken Fingaz)

Gilli tha Kid (Raash-hour)

Cohen Beats


Buttering Trio (Raw Tapes)

Firehouse studio Crew

Then secret spot for late night tacos with the LASA fam… I’m officially Home

Thank you for joining me on the journey… see you next time!